Bob and Kathy Weathers Scholarship

Bob and Kathy Weathers Scholarship

A conversation with Robert J. “Bob” Weathers.

Why did you choose to create a scholarship at Auburn University?
We have love for Auburn and want to provide opportunity for others to attend and succeed at our great university.

What would you want the recipients of this scholarship to know about the person for whom it is named?
I suppose I am the epitome of the part of the Auburn Creed that talks about believing in hard work, although for me it isn’t work. I love what I do and always have. There is nothing like having your own business and the challenges involved. I was well prepared for the business world and the world of work on graduation from Auburn.

Tell us about your Auburn story, favorite tradition, a “War Eagle!” moment, or what Auburn has meant to you.
My favorite tradition: the eagle flying before the games.

What do you hope your recipients gain through this scholarship?
I hope our scholarship recipients gain work ethic and inspiration, lifelong friendships and great memories.