Danny G. Snow Endowed Scholarships for Engineering

Danny G. Snow Endowed Scholarships for Engineering

A conversation with Danny Snow.

Why did you choose to create a scholarship at Auburn University?
My family didn’t have money to pay for my college, but with their help and encouragement, I was able to work and pay for college through the co-op program. I feel extremely fortunate that Auburn University and NASA had established such a program that afforded me a college education. With all the positives, there was still the problem of one quarter in school and one quarter out. Each time I returned, I had lost class contact with close friends; they would have just completed the classes I was now starting. This made me feel more like a commuter than a full-time student. I missed that part of campus life and the total Auburn Experience. By providing these scholarships, I hope to help some other deserving students experience and enjoy the full benefit of an Auburn University Engineering degree. Maybe they will see the value and do the same.

What would you want the recipients of this scholarship to know about the person for whom it is named?
My Auburn Engineering degree opened doors and gave me the opportunity to do what I have done and helped me to become the person that I am. Most importantly, it taught me how to learn. We are what we make of ourselves, and we must learn before we can act and teach.

Tell us about your Auburn story, favorite tradition, a “War Eagle!” moment, or what Auburn has meant to you.
My grandchildren are well-versed in Auburn spirit and are well adorned in orange and blue when they come for a visit, and I am always greeted with healthy “War Eagle.” Their enthusiasm for one of my favorites means a life well lived.

What do you hope your recipients gain through this scholarship?
The purpose was to give the opportunity of a college education to some deserving young people. I am forever grateful for the help I received and realize how important a small amount of financial aid or word of encouragement can make the difference in staying in school or not. By providing this endowment I hope to be that spark of encouragement to deserving students so that they may enjoy the benefits of an Auburn Engineering degree just as I have. And hopefully, all or some will see the benefit and will pay it forward for the next generation.