Prentis S. Howard/Tampa Bay Auburn Club Endowed Scholarship Fund

The PSH Scholarship Fund was established on March 17, 1986. The scholarship is designated for Hillsborough County, Fla. students on the basis of need and award for academic excellence. The Tampa Bay Auburn Club, incorporated on September 28, 1967, created the PSH Scholarship Fund to honor one of the club founders: Prentis S. Howard. Mr. Howard was an Auburn graduate in the School of Architecture in the 1950s. This scholarship serves as a strong link for students attending Auburn University from the Tampa, Fla. area and gives recognition to the University as an excellent place of higher learning. The PSH Fund provides an opportunity for the members of the club to support and contribute to the success of the fund as well as the University.

Prentis S. Howard was a leading architect and civic leader in the Tampa Bay area. He passed away at an early age in 1978. He was instrumental in the design of many structures in Florida and served as President of the Central Florida Chapter of American Institute of Architects. His civic duties and accomplishments were numerous: President of the Tampa Bay Auburn Club, President of the Tampa Lions Club, President of the Greater Tampa Lions Sight Foundation, Board of Directors for the Tampa Lighthouse For The Blind, Member of Tampa Chamber of Commerce, and other civic duties within the communities.

Tampa Bay Auburn Club hopes that students recipients gain an appreciation and significance of this award, realizing the Auburn Creed is the foundation for a successful life and spiritual growth.